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Logentry 2002AG0504.1550 - Translucidity

Jul. 26th, 2006

10:16 pm - Logentry 2002AG0504.1550

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Is Cultural Diversity on the Menu?

“Here,” insisted my wife as we dined at an upscale restaurant, “try the escargot a la carte. It’s delicious!”

“No thanks,” I resisted. “It’s late and I’m getting full.”

“Oh,” she shot back, “you just refuse to try anything if it doesn’t ‘sound’ American. What DO you have against cultural diversity anyways?”

For a moment I feared she might be right. But then I recalled what I ate earlier in the day and told her: “I had French toast for breakfast, Italian bread for lunch, followed by a German chocolate cake for dessert. That’s about all the cultural diversity I can take for one day.

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