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Logentry 2002CI1130.1010 - Translucidity

Jul. 28th, 2006

09:30 pm - Logentry 2002CI1130.1010

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Democracy? We’ll See!

Democracy is about free choices,
we know that’s true.
But what’s its value when choices
are dangerously few?
A democracy is only good
as the choices it presents.
Any democracy with bad choices
the public quickly resents.

Choices developed by an elite
that we can scarcely see
Undermines “democracy” as it turns it
into a plutocracy.
To make democracy “safe” for us
they have made it much less free.
Unless you have the cash to spare,
which is a bitter irony!

“Democracy” becomes the political cover
for those who control the state.
The power to convince us we’re still free
is a power only they regulate.
Assumed power is held by a small elite
with the means we can hardly contemplate.
But true power comes with the choice
to respect every soul’s fate.

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