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Transspirituality applied

I am a self-described transspirit, which means I "spiritually transcend any rigid cultural forms that tend to impede or otherwise infringe upon my emerging human potential." It is where I exist, in the core of my being, deep within where the divisions created in this temporal plane have no meaning. I transcend the gender divide of the gender binarism as a natural expression of this gifted spiritulality. In similar manner, I transcend the rigid divide between various religious expression, between various ethnicities, between various political orientations, and between the modalities of "guilt" and "innocence." To resist this innate pull toward balance feels something like holding a beach ball under water. To allow this spiritual energy to take its course feels something like a fly highing eagle, soaring across the majestic skies. It is often a solitairy flight, but I welcome any who would appreciate this wonderful and mystic perspective.